Everything That There Is To Know About Bubble Hash

One of the many known extracts of cannabis is bubble hash. This kind of extract is dark brown in color and they can be solidly crumbly. This is made by extracting the structures, which usually contain almost all of the active ingredients of marijuana. The structures are then called the trichomes, which resembles small hair, which are tightly packed on cannabis flower buds.

In leaf science’s article, they talk about bubble hash and everything that comes with it:

Bubble hash gets its name from the bubbles that form when “full melt” bubble hash is smoked. Full melt is an especially refined type of bubble hash. 

The name also refers to the “bubble bags” used in the extraction process. Plastic bubble bags feature progressively smaller sieve-like holes. Hole sizes may range from as large as 220 microns to just 25 microns — the diameter of the finest human hair. Read full post here..

These are the things that you need to know about bubble hash and where it actually came from. Now, it would be up to you if you are going to get one or just purchase a bubble hash from a professional.

Experiments Between Dry Flowers and Fresh Frozen Flowers

There are different ways on creating ice water hash and as well as bubble hash using Cannabis buds. The most usual ingredients used are dry flowers and fresh frozen flowers. They decided to experiment and use this two so they can check the different in both quality and yield. It will also help them know the pros and cons of each, since dry flowers and fresh frozen flowers has their own detractors and advocates.

According to some makers of harsh, processing frozen material will produce higher content of terpene and greater yields. There are also some people who said that using materials that are dry can seriously result yo longer lasting and stable product.

In this article from Honestmarijuana.com, they talk about creating hash using both Dry Flowers and Fresh Frozen Flowers:

The Experiment

To make sure that the comparison between the two different extraction methods is as fair and even-handed as possible, the flowers we will be comparing are from the same plants, two different phenotypes of the variety R-Kiem from Spanish seed bank R-Kiem Seeds, specialists in breeding genetics highly suitable for extractions. Each plant was processed separately both in it’s dried and it’s fresh-frozen form, meaning a total of four different extractions for comparison purposes

. Both plants were grown outdoors in full sun and the flowers were collected when fully mature toward the end of October.

At harvest time, approximately half of each plant was trimmed and frozen immediately while the other half of each plant was trimmed and hung to dry slowly in the dark at 50-60% RH/13ºC over the course of a month. Once dry, the buds were transferred to ziplock bags and stored in the freezer for another month before processing.

The same equipment and techniques are used when processing fresh-frozen or dried material, the only difference being that dried flowers will need to be rehydrated before starting the extraction. This is to ensure a cleaner end product, avoiding any contamination of the hash by plant debris that could result from agitating dry and brittle flowers. It’s usually enough to let the material soak in ice cold water for around 20-30 minutes before proceeding with the extraction process. Continue reading full post here…

Making Bubble Hash The Easy Way

Did you know that making bubble hash is actually an easy task to do? This may be because majority of the things that you will need are the ones that are readily available at home. Of course, there are some things that are available at the hard ware store, which means that you no longer need to go further. Sera Jane Ghaly, will help us with the step by step guide on making bubble hash in the easiest way that you could ever imagined:


It’s so easy to make bubble hash at home that there’s almost no reason not to give it a try. Of course, the investment is a lot of weed, but it’s next to impossible to screw up. This video is a step by step instructional on making your own, high-quality hash right in your kitchen. You don’t need too much equipment either. Almost everything you need is in your house or available in your local hardware store. Check out the video below to learn how.

The secret behind bubble hash is in the method of making it. Using iced water and agitation, you are able to separate the resin from the water and then collect the resin. The trichomes found on buds are oily, and so that means that they simply do not mix with water.

Putting 100 grams of weed in iced water gives you 10 grams of high-quality hash. It simply requires putting your weed in water, agitating it with an egg beater or cake mixer for 15-20 minutes and then using a filtration system of micron bags. Continue reading here..

See how easy it is to make your bubble hash? It’s almost next to impossible to get things wrong.

Bubble Hash: What Exactly Is This

Cannabis has a lot of extracts and bubble hash is one of them. But what is this really? Will this make the cannabis more beneficial in terms of medicinal purposes? These are just some of the many questions that people have when it comes to bubble hash. Not everyone knows that cannabis has different extracts in them. But since bubble hash is the most talked about today, I feel the need to discuss this with you.

As mentioned above bubble hash is one of the many extracts that can be found in cannabis. It is solid yet crumbly, and is dark brown in color. It is known as an active ingredient in marijuana, wherein the structures are known to be trichomes. Trichomes resemble little hair which are all tightly packed on the flower buds of the cannabis.

To give you more information about bubble hash, here’s an article from www.leafscience.com:

Bubble hash gets its name from the bubbles that form when “full melt” bubble hash is smoked. Full melt is an especially refined type of bubble hash.

The name also refers to the “bubble bags” used in the extraction process. Plastic bubble bags feature progressively smaller sieve-like holes. Hole sizes may range from as large as 220 microns to just 25 microns — the diameter of the finest human hair.

Bubble bags allow manufacturers to use freezing and simple ice water to filter out raw plant materials and contaminants while retaining active ingredients. Continue reading here..

Applying everything that you have learned from the article above will make bubble hash extremely useful for people who are going to use cannabis and bubble hash itself.

Differences of Cannabis Species: Indica VS. Sativa

Cannabis may be popular all over the world, but not everyone knows that they are often divided into two different types of species. These are the cannabis indica and the cannabis sativa. You may be wondering about their differences and how to tell which one is which. Fortunately, the information below will help you understand the differences between indica vs. sativa.

Indica VS. Sativa


Indica vs. sativa may be both cannabis, but they are different. For instance, indica cannabis is known to be a sedating type. This means that indica is perfect for relaxing or right before bedtime. Sativa, on the other hand, is providing uplifting and invigorating cerebral effects, which will help pair well with creative projects, social gatherings, and physical activities.


Let’s get to know them individually below:

Indica Cannabis

Indica has leaves that are full figured and have foliage that is dense. They are perfectly ideal for growing environments that are harsher. They may be stubby and short, but they are known to be the best producers of resin. Indica is a native to the kush region mountain, which is why it can withstand turbulent and colder conditions.

Another good thing about indica is that while it is adapting to the harsher mountainous climate; it will also help produce thick cannabinoid-dense resin to help protect itself.

Smoking the Indica Cannabis

As mentioned above, indica is an excellent sedative, which means that it can act as your very own sleeping pills. This means that this is ideal for people who are having a hard time sleeping since it can produce sedative that is very effective. Individuals who are taking indica are often feeling relaxed, sleepy, and the desire to eat.

indica-cannabis-strainGrowing Your Own Indica

For people who love growing herbs indoors, indica cannabis is your best shot. The reason behind this is because they are very easy to grow. Indicas are known to be sweet, short, and fast to grow, wherein they can produce crop fast. Indicas can grow three to six feet in length. Their flowering time can range from eight to nine weeks.

Sativa Cannabis

Sativa cannabis is a scraggly and tall looking plant. It has stocks that are wiry and leaves that are thin. This type of cannabis is native to places with warm climates, including Southeast Asia, Central America, and Mexico.

Due to the tropical habitat of the sativa cannabis, this type of species love the outdoors and as well as the heat. Another thing that you should know about this species is its ability to grow as high as twelve feet. If your sativa is healthy, then it can reach 18 feet in height in conditions that are optimum.

Smoking the Sativa Cannabis

Sativa cannabis is similar to a strong cup of caffeinated drink. This is typically used in the morning to energize the person using it. The reason behind this is because sativa have cerebral effects that are strong. In fact, most cannabis lovers are choosing sativa whenever they are looking for a creative and uplifting buzz. Sativas usually have fruity and lighter aroma than indica. Regardless of which type of marijuana you like best you will still need a way to actually consume the product! Many people like to use fancy glass bongs or glass pipes, while others prefer to use cannabis vaporizers such as the Volcano, DaVinci IQ, or the Haze v3 which are some of our top choices. Meanwhile there are still those who simply enjoy a good joint and like to buy rolling papers online or at a local headshop. There are literally hundreds (or even thousands!) of ways to smoke cannabis, indica, sativa, or hybrid – it doesn’t matter – you’re going to need to choose a method of consumption.

cannabis-sativa-plantsGrowing Your Own Sativa

Sativas, on the other hand, are larger. They are also accustomed to climates that are warm, and they are best planted outdoors. Unlike indica, sativa cannabis take some time to flower. It will take twelve to fourteen weeks before it starts to flower. Planting sativa in warmer environments can have a reddish hue. But in colder climates, you will get to see more purple.

These are the information and differences about indica vs. sativa that you should know about. Understanding the different species of cannabis is ideal for you to be able to understand their different effects.

Feel The Taste And The Dense Smoke For Relaxation

Keep calm and move on. This theory is now trending the market. This approach applies to every section of the society. But one cannot run by following the plan. The mind must be given freeness from all the problems that people face both in the house and in the working place. If you pay a visit to the medical professionals, then they will tell you many things. But ultimately you will crave for the satisfaction that has been your need. If you want to get the ultimate pleasure, then take the recommendation and move to a Head shop.

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For the time being this herb will make you feel free by reducing the stress. Just take the dense smoke and close your eyes. For the entire week, you will feel the freshness to work and get things done accordingly without any trouble.


Find The Best Pipes For Your Innovative Smoke Center

Getting the license of the smoking center is not the toughest job that you have to think of. Many countries in the present day have been giving permit of having a smoking center. But for that, all you have to do is to provide the Government with the documents that you have the fine herbs that will not affect the health of the people. But all you have to look for after getting the certificate is that your shop must be decorated with the Heady Glass so that people can get the charm and the feel of having a puff in a smoke shop.

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Decorate Your Room With The Beautiful Functional Glass Art

Designing the space where you want to live is a task that you have to do with concentration and total focusing. If you have been to the market, then your eyes will be carried away by the stuff that has been decorated in the shops. But with the innovation of new things that have been striding the market, you must look for the glass designs that beautify the space of the room in a more decorative way. In these glass paintings, you will find different types of creation made by the artists to enhance the area of the room.
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 How To Choose The Beautiful Glass Paintings For Home?
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Let The Organic Ecstasy Enhance The Splendor Of Your Life

Taking weed has been prevalent in the society since forever. People have been making it since times immemorial for psychoactive and therapeutic reasons. There are some traditional drugs that people take. The most popular drug among this is Cannabis. The debate has been going on for long about the positive and adverse effects of taking weeds. There is no denying the fact that it comes with some proven good effects of its own. However, it is important to mention that anything above moderation becomes harmful.

The Health Benefits And Medical Facts

Weed has some prevalent benefits. They can be used for medicinal purposes. According to several studies, it has been used for treating pain. It is said a component called THC present in Medical Marijuana can treat chronic pain in cancer patients.

This weed is a naturally occurring drug and has fewer side effects than the synthetic drugs. There are many countries where it has been legalized due to its medical effects.  The vomiting and nauseating symptoms that come with treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can also be reduced by using Cannabis concentration.

 Some researchers show that the severe neurological disorder like multiple sclerosis can also be controlled by the use of weeds. The active ingredients present in the drugs like cannabis have been artificially produced in laboratories to make a major ingredient in the medicines.

Glaucoma, the disease due to intense pressure in the eyeballs can also be cured by the use of weeds like marijuana. Thus, the weeds are not all bad.

Other Organic Drugs That Can Change Lives For The Better

There are some other drugs too that are controversial. But it is agreed that there are some positive effects of all the drugs. There are recreational and medicinal effects of weeds like Hashish too. This weed is also a popular drug that has been in use for centuries. This drug is readily available in the market and is found in all kinds of qualities and costs. Taken in the right amount, it can cause serious good effects in the body like the treatments of brain and eye.


The Positive Sides Of Other Popular Drugs

People suffering from severe disorders like that of repeated epileptic seizures have found that there have been reductions in their occurrences by the use of medication like that of Hash. This effect has been noticed by using it in rats and has been produced in several journals. The diseases of intestines can also be treated by the use of weeds.

There are some of the diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis that people have, and they can get benefits from using Bubble Hash. The intestines are made active by the use of such weeds. This drug is because the permeability of the intestines causes the diseases. The plant derived organic substances can block the entry of the bacteria in the body and therefore improving the immunity of the body.

 The progression of certain diseases like that of Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed down by the use of weeds like that of marijuana and hashish. It also affects the progress of cancer.

The Much-Needed Accessories To Take In The Organic Delights

The use of any weed needs certain accessories. There are all sorts of options depending on the type you are using to smoke. It is not just about the Papers & Wraps anymore;

 there are all sorts of high-end accessories that are sold in the market. They are easily available in the market. Some of these are so classy and beautiful to look at that they can a place of pride on your desk.

The High-End Accessories Those Are Available In The Market

If you want the pipe to look just like any other home décor item, go for the ceramic apple pipe that is available on the internet. There is also a thing called ‘piece pipe’ that looks just like a regular key chain that can be attached to a bag or a ring. It can provide discreet consumption option as it is odorless and looks nothing like a Cannabis accessories. It is also supremely stylish and modern at look. There another one that is called Aura.

It looks just like a water bottle. It is durable as it lasts long and easy to clean. They speak of the high taste that you have and turn out to be the talking point when the guests come.