Cannabis may be popular all over the world, but not everyone knows that they are often divided into two different types of species. These are the cannabis indica and the cannabis sativa. You may be wondering about their differences and how to tell which one is which. Fortunately, the information below will help you understand the differences between indica vs. sativa.

Indica VS. Sativa


Indica vs. sativa may be both cannabis, but they are different. For instance, indica cannabis is known to be a sedating type. This means that indica is perfect for relaxing or right before bedtime. Sativa, on the other hand, is providing uplifting and invigorating cerebral effects, which will help pair well with creative projects, social gatherings, and physical activities.


Let’s get to know them individually below:

Indica Cannabis

Indica has leaves that are full figured and have foliage that is dense. They are perfectly ideal for growing environments that are harsher. They may be stubby and short, but they are known to be the best producers of resin. Indica is a native to the kush region mountain, which is why it can withstand turbulent and colder conditions.

Another good thing about indica is that while it is adapting to the harsher mountainous climate; it will also help produce thick cannabinoid-dense resin to help protect itself.

Smoking the Indica Cannabis

As mentioned above, indica is an excellent sedative, which means that it can act as your very own sleeping pills. This means that this is ideal for people who are having a hard time sleeping since it can produce sedative that is very effective. Individuals who are taking indica are often feeling relaxed, sleepy, and the desire to eat.

indica-cannabis-strainGrowing Your Own Indica

For people who love growing herbs indoors, indica cannabis is your best shot. The reason behind this is because they are very easy to grow. Indicas are known to be sweet, short, and fast to grow, wherein they can produce crop fast. Indicas can grow three to six feet in length. Their flowering time can range from eight to nine weeks.

Sativa Cannabis

Sativa cannabis is a scraggly and tall looking plant. It has stocks that are wiry and leaves that are thin. This type of cannabis is native to places with warm climates, including Southeast Asia, Central America, and Mexico.

Due to the tropical habitat of the sativa cannabis, this type of species love the outdoors and as well as the heat. Another thing that you should know about this species is its ability to grow as high as twelve feet. If your sativa is healthy, then it can reach 18 feet in height in conditions that are optimum.

Smoking the Sativa Cannabis

Sativa cannabis is similar to a strong cup of caffeinated drink. This is typically used in the morning to energize the person using it. The reason behind this is because sativa have cerebral effects that are strong. In fact, most cannabis lovers are choosing sativa whenever they are looking for a creative and uplifting buzz. Sativas usually have fruity and lighter aroma than indica. Regardless of which type of marijuana you like best you will still need a way to actually consume the product! Many people like to use fancy glass bongs or glass pipes, while others prefer to use cannabis vaporizers such as the Volcano, DaVinci IQ, or the Haze v3 which are some of our top choices. Meanwhile there are still those who simply enjoy a good joint and like to buy rolling papers online or at a local headshop. There are literally hundreds (or even thousands!) of ways to smoke cannabis, indica, sativa, or hybrid – it doesn’t matter – you’re going to need to choose a method of consumption.

cannabis-sativa-plantsGrowing Your Own Sativa

Sativas, on the other hand, are larger. They are also accustomed to climates that are warm, and they are best planted outdoors. Unlike indica, sativa cannabis take some time to flower. It will take twelve to fourteen weeks before it starts to flower. Planting sativa in warmer environments can have a reddish hue. But in colder climates, you will get to see more purple.

These are the information and differences about indica vs. sativa that you should know about. Understanding the different species of cannabis is ideal for you to be able to understand their different effects.

Differences of Cannabis Species: Indica VS. Sativa
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