One of the many known extracts of cannabis is bubble hash. This kind of extract is dark brown in color and they can be solidly crumbly. This is made by extracting the structures, which usually contain almost all of the active ingredients of marijuana. The structures are then called the trichomes, which resembles small hair, which are tightly packed on cannabis flower buds.

In leaf science’s article, they talk about bubble hash and everything that comes with it:

Bubble hash gets its name from the bubbles that form when “full melt” bubble hash is smoked. Full melt is an especially refined type of bubble hash. 

The name also refers to the “bubble bags” used in the extraction process. Plastic bubble bags feature progressively smaller sieve-like holes. Hole sizes may range from as large as 220 microns to just 25 microns — the diameter of the finest human hair. Read full post here..

These are the things that you need to know about bubble hash and where it actually came from. Now, it would be up to you if you are going to get one or just purchase a bubble hash from a professional.

Everything That There Is To Know About Bubble Hash
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