Experiments Between Dry Flowers and Fresh Frozen Flowers

There are different ways on creating ice water hash and as well as bubble hash using Cannabis buds. The most usual ingredients used are dry flowers and fresh frozen flowers. They decided to experiment and use this two so they can check the different in both quality and yield. It will also help them know the pros and cons of each, since dry flowers and fresh frozen flowers has their own detractors and advocates.

According to some makers of harsh, processing frozen material will produce higher content of terpene and greater yields. There are also some people who said that using materials that are dry can seriously result yo longer lasting and stable product.

In this article from Honestmarijuana.com, they talk about creating hash using both Dry Flowers and Fresh Frozen Flowers:

The Experiment

To make sure that the comparison between the two different extraction methods is as fair and even-handed as possible, the flowers we will be comparing are from the same plants, two different phenotypes of the variety R-Kiem from Spanish seed bank R-Kiem Seeds, specialists in breeding genetics highly suitable for extractions. Each plant was processed separately both in it’s dried and it’s fresh-frozen form, meaning a total of four different extractions for comparison purposes

. Both plants were grown outdoors in full sun and the flowers were collected when fully mature toward the end of October.

At harvest time, approximately half of each plant was trimmed and frozen immediately while the other half of each plant was trimmed and hung to dry slowly in the dark at 50-60% RH/13ºC over the course of a month. Once dry, the buds were transferred to ziplock bags and stored in the freezer for another month before processing.

The same equipment and techniques are used when processing fresh-frozen or dried material, the only difference being that dried flowers will need to be rehydrated before starting the extraction. This is to ensure a cleaner end product, avoiding any contamination of the hash by plant debris that could result from agitating dry and brittle flowers. It’s usually enough to let the material soak in ice cold water for around 20-30 minutes before proceeding with the extraction process. Continue reading full post here…